Kubota B7100 сlutch problem

Clutch rod 800 Problems

I have a Kubota B7100 that has some kind of clutch or bearing problem. When I try to put the gear in it’s hard to get in and it squeaks. Once the clutch is started and released it is enough and the clutch does not slip. It works as it should, but when you go to press the clutch again it does not release and makes a grunting sound (bad bearing). I thought the bearing was bad, but the strange thing is that if the tractor is in neutral and the clutch is pressed it is smooth and quiet. It only growls if the transmission is in gear and the clutch is depressed.

It is necessary to inspect the condition of the release bearing. It can make a growling sound. Also, the driveshaft may be broken or bitten on the end that fits into the pilot bushing. The parts will have to be replaced.

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