Kubota B7100

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The Kubota B7100 was a Japanese tractor that was manufactured between 1976 and 1985. Its main uses were agriculture and other agricultural projects. The Kubota B7100 tractor was allowed to manufacture at the end of the 1980s. Since 1986, only the hydrostatic models B7100E, B7100D and B7100HST have been available new.


The Kubota B7100 is a compact utilitarian tractor, manufactured by Kubota from 1976 to 1985. The B7100 tractor is equipped with a Kubota D750-A diesel engine with a displacement of 0.8 L (46.5 cu-in) and a transmission without Gears Synchronized with 6 forward gears and 2 backwards. This tractor can be used as front loader, mower or snowplows.

The B7100 utility tractor uses a three-cylinder diesel engine cooled by Kubota D750-A with 762 cc (46.5 cu-in) of displacement. It has a cylinder diameter of 68.0 mm (2.68 inches) and a piston stroke of 70.0 mm (2.76 inches). The compression ratio is 22: 1. The motor produces 16.0 hp (11.8 kW) at 3,000 Power RPM and 42.2 nm (31.1 LB-FT) at 1,800 rpm of torque.



The Kubota B7100 is equipped with a non-synchronized gear transmission with a dry disc clutch. The transmission has 6 forward gears (1.0-13.4 km / h, 0.6-8.3 mph) and 2 gears ago (1.5-6.7 km / h, 0.9-4, 2 mph). Finding parts for a B7100 can be complicated, but there are several options available. It is unlikely, but possible, that a Kubota dealer has available pieces, or at least know where they can be obtained.

You may have access to parts for current Kubota tractors, which can be used in older models. Going to a specific Kubota discussion forum can also be useful, and there may also be available parts that have been borrowed from old Kubota B7100 tractors that can be obtained online.

As it is not about meeting a guarantee, parts from other manufacturers can be used if appropriate. Again, a good discussion forum like Tracker by Net should be able to advise people on this subject. Other options to consider include websites such as Tractor House, Ebay, or Craigslist ads to see if someone can help.

Kubota B7100 modifications

  • Kubota B7100E – 4 × 2 2WD Variant of two wheels
  • Kubota B7100D – 4 × 4 MFWD Four-wheel variant

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Kubota B7100 Reviews

I grew up on a mid-west farm and I have driven many tractors. This Kubota is simply amazing. I bought it to landscape a 1-acre land and has done the work admirably. He has never been disappointed. I have a 4 ‘breaker and I do some strange jobs cutting short weed, 4′-6’ high weed, 4 ‘weed and just ask for a little time but it has never been denied to do the work. I have had a break of the fan strap, a leakage of the fuel hose, but nothing more. I would like you to have better headlights, a heat meter instead of the “whistle”, and the ability to use the brakes to help spin. But in general, he is a great worker.

When I saw this little tractor for the first time I laughed and asked my son, what are we going to do with that? After convincing him and a small demonstration, we made a deal and took him home. This little tractor is possibly the best investment for the money I have made. So far, he has done all the tasks that I have asked for. It seems to have a lot of power and has never failed when starting, even at -12 one morning to push 1 foot and a half of snow. The controls are easily accessible and until now the maintenance is simple. I hope to have many hours more in this little battle horse.

It is the best tractor by CV in the world. Perfect size It has a loader, cultivator, box blade, CLUD, plow, core plug.

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