Florida Public Adjusters Face Tougher Regulation

Following the 2004-2005 Florida Hurricane season, two significant occasions happened. To begin with, the quantity of Florida open agents, both occupant and non-inhabitant developed considerably. Second, settled open agent firms became worried that their piece of the overall industry was weakened by the expanded rivalry. click this link

Following a campaigning exertion by FAPIA (Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters), changes in the authorizing laws for open agents were made. Moreover, new laws concerning client contact, charges and agreements were additionally passed. The planned impact of the laws

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were to secure people in general and ensure the piece of the pie of built up open agent firms.

A portion of these progressions became compelling October 1, 2008. Extra changes with respect to an apprenticeship program will produce results January 1, 2009.


Open agents are disallowed from reaching a safeguarded or inquirer until 48 hours after the event of an occasion that might be the subject of a case under a strategy;

Open agents may not request a guaranteed or petitioner aside from on Monday through Saturday and just between the long stretches of 8 a.m. what’s more, 8 p.m.


An open agent may not charge an expense except if a composed agreement was executed before the installment of a case;

Open agents are disallowed from charging in excess of 20 percent of the protection claims installment on non-storm cases and 10 percent of the protection claims installment on tropical storm claims for claims made during the main year after the statement of the crisis. These expense tops apply just to private property protection arrangements and townhouse affiliation strategies as characterized in s. 718.111(11);

There is no expense top on re-opened or supplemental storm claims; in any case, the charge can’t be founded on any installments made by the back up plan to the guaranteed before the hour of the open agent contract.


Insureds or inquirers will have 5 business days after the date on which the agreement is executed to drop an open agent’s agreement during a highly sensitive situation announced by the Governor; insureds or petitioners have 3 business days to drop an agreement as to claims including non-crises;

Open agent contracts must be recorded as a hard copy and should show an enemy of extortion explanation.

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